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Bark beetles can weaken and even kill your trees. If you want your beautiful pines to stand tall for years to come, talk to us about preventative trunk-injections. Get more information now.

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Don't Let Bark Beetles Ruin Your Pines
Without treatment, bark beetles can kill your trees

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If you have pine trees in your yard, bark beetles are one type of tree pest you need to know about. These small insects bore into the bark of trees, forming galleries under the inner bark to lay eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae feed on your tree.

All that digging and feeding in the trunk can disrupt your tree's ability to move water and vital nutrients between the crown and roots. Some beetles even bring fungi along with them, weakening the tree's vascular system even further.

The bark beetles in our area go for stressed and weakened coniferous trees, specifically pine and sometimes spruce trees. You'll know this tree pest has invaded your yard when:

  • You see small white or reddish-brown pitch tubes (sap-like blobs) on your tree's bark
  • There's frass (a reddish-brown, sawdust-like substance) at the base of your tree
  • Your tree's needles are turning yellow-green or orange

If you wait until you see these signs, it may be too late to save your tree. The best course of action is to stop bark beetles from infesting your tree in the first place.

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